No matter what the weather is outside, NextAire Multi-zone natural gas heat pump give you a perfect balance of comfort inside, efficiently and economically. The environmentally-friendly NextAire™ 8-ton Multi-zone GHP allows you to maintain individualized temperature settings in up to 17 different spaces, while the 15-ton GHP provides superior flexibility for up to 33 unique zones. You can easily and efficiently customize comfort levels based on usage and personal preference.

One NextAire™ system can replace multiple, noisy conventional units and operates whisper-quiet at less than 57 decibels for the ultimate in sound control. When maintaining exterior visual appeal is a design priority, the system can be conveniently located up to 400 feet from the building, well out of view.

The system’s smaller total equipment footprint offers architects and designers nearly limitless opportunities when planning and designing spaces. This means more open and flexible floor plans as well as more pleasing rooflines.

Gas Heat Pumps

The gas heat pump offers a versatile array of ducted or ductless air handlers to accommodate any plan or placement requirements. There are no roof penetrations for exhaust venting or combustion air openings needed. This enables simplified piping design and reduces or eliminates soffit cost.

One outdoor unit, which requires only a small concrete pad, can replace multiple outdoor electric condensing units and gas furnaces. Precious square footage is also saved, when compared to chiller-boiler systems, because NextAire™ GHPs do not require cooling towers or mechanical rooms. NextAire™ utilizes single-phase power, so even the electric panels are smaller.

Economical and efficient, NextAire’s gas heat pump running and maintenance costs can be as much as 30% less than an electric heat pump, with power consumption up to 80% less. You’ll see impressive water savings as a result of that too. Since a 1/2 gallon of water is consumed for every kilowatt hour of electricity produced, 68,000 gallons of water can be saved by just using one GHP.