Our heating and cooling GHP units bring a clean, efficient energy and comfort to homes of 3,000 SF and above. In most cases, this can happen without the need for major revisions to the home’s ducting, gas or electrical infrastructure. And if desired, a separate and distinct thermostat per room of the home can be installed.

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Government & Schools

The energy efficiencies our units can bring to federal, state and local government and military buildings, as well as school districts, can help ease the operational costs and ever increasing budget challenges most governmental entities are facing today. Additionally, our products meet or exceed the rising environmental standards.

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We accommodate virtually any commercial building setups, assist in meeting environmental and LEED standards, and currently have numerous installations across the country. Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting, our Nextaire products can be one of the most efficient and effective options of any building owner / operator!

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NextAire - The Next Generation of Heating and Cooling

IntelliChoice Energy (ICE) is a leader in the development of advanced HVAC technology and is instrumental in the commercialization of cutting-edge heating and cooling products.

ICE provides application engineering, training, and customer support services that take advantage of the energy-efficient properties natural gas offers.

ICE is the exclusive distributor of the NextAire™ Gas Heat Pump (GHP) which includes the commercially available 8-ton and 15-ton Multi-zone GHPs, and the 11-ton Packaged GHP, which are the premiere natural gas based HVAC systems offered in the United States.

What is gas heat pump technology?